We need your support to preserve Christians in the Middle East

1. What we do for our students
We provide CrossTalk children, youth and young adults, with the tools to learn the Bible, and a safe environment to live the Word of God:

About our Christian community
We provide CrossTalk families with one thriving, ecumenical Christian community of all denominations, working as one body to preserve Christianity in Lebanon and ultimately in the Middle East, through:

  • 3 branches in Lebanon to reach as many families as
    possible; Broumana (mountain area), Hamra (Beirut, the
    capital), and Rabweh (suburb)
  • Community outreach programs; CrossTalk donates food,
    clothing, furniture to the needy Lebanese and refugees
    (Palestinians, Iraqi and Syrians). CrossTalk helps in
    educating people by paying their college tuition fees
  • Seminars and publications for parents and families
  • ‘Give of Yourself to Others’: a program initiated by our
    youth to donate hair to cancer patients. CrossTalk has
    become the strategic partner of the Children’s Cancer
    Center of Lebanon (affiliated to St Jude Children’s
    Research Hospital) in giving joy to their patients
3. Who pays for all this?
Classes are given free of charge therefore funds are
needed to keep our mission going. Our fundraising
activities are:

  • Lunches and dinners, such as our recurring open house
    fundraising lunch which celebrates special events
    and foods from around the world
  • Exhibitions which include CrossStitch (stitch work
    and patterns by parents)
  • A boutique of Christian books, DVDs, gadgets,
    and accessories
  • A flea market
  • The catering of events and sale of homemade foods,
    sauces, desserts, and preserves prepared in the safety
    of our kitchen on site
  • Serving lunch at our cafeteria
  • The publishing of a Lenten cookbook (for which we are working on a second edition, to be made available internationally)

4. How you can help
We have established ways for those outside Lebanon to contribute to our growing projects and expenses through donations in the following ways:
CrossTalk's local contacts are there to provide you any information needed
Lebanon: Ranya Nasrallah, r.nasrallah@mycrosstalk.org
Zeina Hayek, z.hayek@mycrosstalk.org
USA: Lara Bousleiman, l.bousleiman@mycrosstalk.org
Nayla Abuhamad, n.abuhamad@mycrosstalk.org
Brazil: Adriana Doumet, a.doumet@mycrosstalk.org
Dubai: Siham Asfour, s.asfour@mycrosstalk.org
England: Julia Nasrallah, j.nasrallah@mycrosstalk.org


Donations from the USA will be
tax deductible at
Friends of CrossTalk Fund