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‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you’
Matthew 5:44

  The mission of CrossTalk is to help each person develop his/her full potential in Christ by teaching/living the Word of God in an Ecumenical Educational Environment
  The vision of CrossTalk is to
Be an Ecumenical Christian community in fulfillment of God's calling
Provide opportunities for people of different age groups to grow spiritually
Support parents whose primary responsibility is to immerse their children in Christian Education
  The goal of CrossTalk is to achieve its vision by
Providing classes, bible studies, spiritual retreats, music, art, camps, trips, sports, and other activities that include regular outreach visits to orphanages and other such communities
Running a non-profit ecumenical Christian community center operated by a team of committed volunteers and employees who serve as an ecumenical board of directors and advisors, educational committee, fund raising committee, accountant, auditor, lawyer and graphic designer
Teaching ecumenism, by discovering, accepting, and learning about the different denominations of Christ
Providing space and time to do all of the above for the Lord’s Glory
Developing a structure for fundraising to maintain self-sufficiency, including a boutique, a cafeteria, lunch open house gatherings, annual dinner, special events, and catering ‘Homemade Food’
  CrossTalk believes in
Living as a community in Christ. Saint Paul says, to live as one Body, the Body of Christ, with Christ as our head
Ecumenical education that aims to enlighten and enrich our students who come from a variety of backgrounds to follow Jesus together as one Body, to appreciate each other's unique traditions, and to appreciate the value of diversity and unity. At CrossTalk, ecumenism means that being rooted in one’s church does not imply that he/she is away from the other churches. In fact, spirituality is enriched by loving, respecting and even serving different churches
The word 'Lord' occurs 1,853 times
'Dear God, let everyone feel the need to be one of the branches that bear fruit. Help us learn from our sins and help us to remove them so we can bear more fruits'
George Cavalcanti

CrossTalk Ecumenical Christian Education Center - Rabweh, Saydet El Beshara Church, 1st floor above the saloon, Metn, Lebanon
email: r.nasrallah@mycrosstalk.org - Tel: (961)3-254310
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