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'Love your neighbor as yourself'
Matthew 22:39
'My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action' 1 John 3:18
Different programs take place at CrossTalk for the needy
  1. Open Arms
    Provides the opportunity to love our neighbor as ourselves, the way Jesus taught us. Open Arms started by collecting donations of all sorts for the needy including food, clothing, blankets, toys, and other things. CrossTalk opens its arms continuously to all whom God puts on its way. On a regular basis CrossTalk helps Deir Mar Semaan, the Good Shepherd, Mission de Vie, Deir el Atchaneh, needy Lebanese families, as well as Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and Mother Teresa’s Home of Peace and prisoners, by donating food, clothes, and time. CrossTalk likes to spend time with the needy playing games and fun activities, or painting and amending houses for those who do not have the means

    Convent 'Mar Semaan'

  2. Open Arms and LAU
    Open Arms is an on-going program that continuously accepts donations of goods, financial support and time. What does LAU’s Civic Engagement Program aim to do? In short, it aims to bridge the gap between LAU students and their community. ‘It encourages and empowers students to reach out and become agents of constructive change in their society’ Since summer 2013, BUS 299 has teamed up with CrossTalk on several projects where they demonstrated team work, dedication and sincerity in implementing their various roles

    In addition to active community service at CrossTalk’s headquarters in Rabweh, students worked hand-in-hand in embellishing homes, previously in extreme conditions, in the Palestinian camp in Dbaye. Furthermore, they beautifully painted and decorated the cafeteria and hallway of ‘Home of Hope’ – to add to their outreach, they renovated the basketball court and corrected the lines to international basketball guidelines

    For this coming season, their project is to teach the children at ‘Home of Hope’, on a one-to-one basis, how to read and write. It is a true blessing to watch these students give up of their time from a zero-credit course, to work from the deepest corners of their heart to serve others that have nothing close to the life God has blessed them with. ‘Businesses of today acknowledge the importance of corporate social responsibility and of being involved in projects that aim at improving the community in which they belong or operate’. However, it does not end at improving the targeted community but students themselves. The Lord’s Glory and the teachings of Christ are clearly depicted in their actions and they have witnessed the power of sharing the Joy of Christ. Finally, CrossTalk has truly benefited from this collaboration with the Adnan Kassar School of Business and hopes the partnership flourishes in the name of the Lord

    LAU staudents partner with CrossTalk to paint Home of Hope, Kahaleh

  3. Give of Yourself to Others
    CrossTalk has a partnership with Children Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) in giving Joy to cancer patients. How can you help? Just give of yourself to others. ‘Give of Yourself to Others’ has inspired hundreds of people to donate at least 10 cm of their own hair. The donated hair is turned into wigs and given to those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy

    Every year, CrossTalk invites famous Lebanese hairdressers to a one day cutting event that typically takes place in the fall, where the hairdressers donate their time to cut the hair and volunteers donate their hair This program has become internationally renowned as of fall 2009. In 2015 CrossTalk renewed its Strategic Partnership with the Children's Cancer Center Lebanon. In addition, CrossTalk has begun collaborating with the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation. We truly believe God will take these projects into his hands, and make them prosper. Stay tuned for the next annual event

  4. Environmental Awareness
    We Don’t Just Talk, We Recycle!

    For the past 10 years, CrossTalk has followed a zero-waste policy – recycling and reusing whatever it can, whenever it can. Paper, aluminum, plastic, glass and even organic wastes are being collected separately and disposed of in their correct respective manner. Join our movement in upholding our responsibility towards our Lord’s Earth and maintaining its cleanliness
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  • Administrative Volunteering
    Students of all ages like to spend some time at CrossTalk not only to learn the Word of the Lord, but also to volunteer in its many active community projects. These projects require some organization and administrative preparations, including spreading the Word via social media. CrossTalk also accepts student volunteers who are interested in administration tasks to better help the community

  • ‘The Bible is a treasure map that leads to ‘the Treasure’
    Ryan Abdallah, 12 years

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