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‘Unless you turn around and become like little children, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven’
Matthew 18:3
Integrity of Character

CrossTalk allows the students to discover that honesty and respect are the way to success, and that cheating, in all its forms, will only lead to self-destruction and to negative consequences on others. Hence, students are encouraged to avoid the trap of cheating, lying and gossiping. They are also taught to respect copyrighted material.

Ecumenical education at CrossTalk aims to enlighten and enrich our students who come from a variety of backgrounds to follow Jesus Christ together as one Body, to appreciate each other's unique traditions, and hence, to embrace diversity within unity.

One important characteristic of CrossTalk is that it is a place where Christians from different denominations meet in the Lord’s Name. This leads to loving each other, the way Jesus Christ commanded us in John 15.

CrossTalk has received the blessings of the Church bishops and leaders. The fathers and pastors of the different neighboring parishes have regular meetings at CrossTalk to work together trusting that they form the Body of Christ and each one of them is an indispensable part of God’s Body, the Church.

CrossTalk teaches students respect and encourages them to be committed to their own parishes. Therefore, they form small indirect building blocks for the unity of the Church.
Family and Community Values

CrossTalk teaches the importance of the family structure which is the building unit in the community. Awareness is taught to the children about the need to honor and respect parents. Teens and young adults are taught sexual education, enlightening them of the holiness of sex held within marriage, the institution which God has created since the beginning. Students are made aware that sex outside marriage will lead to harm, as in having teenage pregnancies that can often result in abortion. Students are directed to be sensitive to the community needs and be ready to give their time with opportunities to visit children in need catering to their materialistic and spiritual needs.

Social Responsibility

CrossTalk teaches students to have self-esteem and avoid peer pressure. Teachers are always updated on everything children, and especially teenagers, encounter in society’s dark areas.

Teens and youth are made aware of the negative consequences of using drugs and alcohol. The students are therefore on guard against modern crises from suicidal attacks, to life threatening car accidents, addictions and over dosage. In addition, CrossTalk is taking advantage its direct connection with children to help raise awareness on the grand positive impact of recycling. Thus, rendering them productive members of society.

  • For the past 11 years, CrossTalk has followed a zero-waste policy – recycling and reusing whatever it can, whenever it can. Paper, aluminum, plastic, glass and even organic wastes are being collected separately and disposed of in their correct respective manner.
Good Citizenship

When Christians and Lebanon are passing through difficult times, prayer meetings are held. The focus is that what people cannot resolve, God can surely do. But our prayers are needed for the Lord said, ‘Whenever two or three get together in My name, I will be with them, and whatever they ask in My name, I shall give them’ Matthew 18:19. Awareness of a citizen’s rights and duties are taught; such as following governmental regulations, paying taxes, voting and others.
The Bible was written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek
'Sin is awful. You do not realize how bad it is until you get rid of it and clear of it. Repentance to Jesus is the only way to get rid of our sins'
Celine Saliba

CrossTalk Ecumenical Christian Education Center - Rabweh, Saydet El Beshara Church, 1st floor above the saloon, Metn, Lebanon
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